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Development OpenEstate-ImmoTool

OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta43

001676: [Feature] requires a German date format for the expiration date of an energy certificate
001677: [Specification]
new option "with washing machine" for the "bathroom" attribute
001678: [Specification]
new option "with dishwasher" for the "kitchen" attribute
001679: [Specification]
new option "with TV" for the "technics" attribute
001680: [Specification]
new option "WiFi reception" for the "technics" attribute
001681: [Misc]
Update to commons-codec 1.11
001682: [Misc]
Update to commons-io 2.6
001683: [Misc]
Update to commons-lang 3.8.1
001684: [Misc]
Update to libphonenumber 8.10.1
001685: [Feature]
Implement latest version of Kyero XML 3
001686: [Error]
Incomplete language selection on first application start
001689: [PHP export]
Write image titles into the alt attribute.
001690: [General]
Remove inactive video providers
001691: [General]
Add video provider
001692: [General]
Use the system look & feel
001693: [Misc]
Update to commons-csv 1.6
001694: [Misc]
Update to commons-email 1.5
001695: [Misc]
Update to commons-text 1.3
001696: [Misc]
Update to flying-saucer 9.1.16
001697: [Misc]
Update to HttpClient 4.5.6
001698: [Misc]
Update to ical4j 2.2.0
001699: [Misc]
Update to ical4j-vcard 1.0.2
001700: [Misc]
Update to jsoup 1.11.3
001701: [Misc]
Update to rome 1.11.1
001702: [Misc]
Replace "iText" library with "OpenPDF"
001703: [Misc]
Remove management of license keys
001704: [Feature]
Set hidden prices for OpenImmo imports, that contain a purchase price "on request"
001705: [Error]
Selection of geo coordinates blocks the application & doesn't work partially
001706: [Feature]
Preferably read commercial area from usable area for OpenImmo / ImmoXML imports
001707: [Feature]
Rework automatic updates
001708: [General]
Remove library check on application startup
001709: [Feature]
Trust SSL certificates of known certification authorities (CA)
001710: [Error]
Invalid URL's when exporting for Kyero / / / Trovit
001714: [Feature]
Alternative method to write number of parking spaces into OpenImmo & ImmoXML files
001715: [Misc]
Update to OpenEstate-PHP-Export 1.7.0
001716: [Feature]
New export format for OpenEstate-PHP-Export 2.x