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Development OpenEstate-ImmoTool

OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0.0

000212: [Feature]
Rework the documentation
001444: [Misc]
Publish raw documentation data at GitHub
001445: [Feature]
Translate short version of the documentation into English
001446: [Feature]
Integrate documentation into ImmoTool via ePub
001447: [Misc]
Installation routine for Windows
001448: [Misc]
Installation routine for MacOS
001449: [Misc]
Sign application bundles for MacOS
001717: [Misc]
Migration to Java 11
001718: [Misc]
Integrate a Java Runtime Environment into the release package
001721: [Misc]
Migrate addon mechanism to PF4J
001728: [Feature]
Load additional addons from a local folder
001733: [Misc]
Application bundle for Linux x64
001744: [Misc]
Installation routine for Debian based Linux (amd64)
001745: [Misc]
Provide a repository for the Debian package
001751: [Feature]
Consistent look & feel on Linux systems
001752: [Error]
Fehldarstellung des Programm-Titels unter Gnome / Ubuntu Unity
001753: [Misc]
Update to BouncyCastle 1.61
001754: [Misc]
Update to commons-text 1.6
001755: [Misc]
Update to HttpClient 4.5.7
001756: [Misc]
Update to ical4j 3.0.6
001757: [Misc]
Update to ical4j-vcard 1.0.5
001758: [Misc]
Update to javax.json 1.1.4
001759: [Misc]
Update to jsch 0.1.55
001760: [Misc]
Update to libphonenumber 8.10.5
001761: [Misc]
Update to openpdf 1.2.10
001762: [Misc]
Update to rome 1.12.0
001763: [Misc]
Update to rsyntaxtextarea 3.0.2
001764: [Misc]
Update to swingx 1.6.8 by swimmesberger
001766: [Misc]
Migrate from log4j to Logback
001767: [Misc]
Update to commons-text 1.12
001768: [Misc]
Update to JavaMail 1.6.3
001769: [Misc]
Update to flying-saucer 9.1.18
001770: [Specification]
Wrong translation of the "residence" option in the "type of use" attribute
001771: [Feature]
Show disabled images in grayscale in the real estate form