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First steps with OpenEstate-ImmoTool

Installing Java

Please assure, that Java is installed on your operating system.

Installing Java on Windows and MacOS

You can download the Java installation packages for free from Oracle.

Installing Java on Linux

Oracle also offers a Java installation package for Linux. But in most cases it's the better choice to install the OpenJDK package, which is available for most Linux distributions. For example:

Downloading OpenEstate-ImmoTool

You can find the downloads of OpenEstate-ImmoTool in the public download area.

  • On Windows systems you should download the ZIP file
  • On MacOS and Linux you should download the TAR.GZ file OpenEstate-ImmoTool-XXXX.tar.gz.

There is no need to download the additionally provided modules / addons. The ZIP / TAR.GZ archive already contains all currently available modules.

Installing OpenEstate-ImmoTool

Extract the downloaded ZIP / TAR.GZ archive. Afterwards you will find a folder called OpenEstate-ImmoTool-XXXX, which contains all application files. Feel free to move this folder anywhere you want on your hard disk - e.g. on Windows at C:\Program Files or into your users home directory.

In the previously extracted application folder you should find a folder called bin. This folder contains the startup files for the different operating systems.

  • On Windows you can start the program with a double click on ImmoTool.exe or ImmoTool.bat in the bin folder.
  • On MacOS you can start the program with a double click on the ImmoTool symbol in the application directory or with the script in the bin folder.
  • On Linux you can start the program with the in the bin folder.

When starting the program for the first time, you need to follow these steps:

  • You possibly need to select your preferred language.
  • The project wizard shows up. Enter the details about your company and create a new / empty project. When starting the program for the next time, the created project is opened automatically.

Feel free to ask your questions about installation in our discussion board or ticket system.

Please consider, that we only provide support to registered users. You can register an account at for free without any obligation.

Please also consider, that we can only support requests in German or English language.