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Translations in further languages

During development we're keeping support for multiple languages in mind. Our software is developed in English language and may be translated into any other language.

Our software is translated into German language during the development process. Translations in other languages are provided by volunteers of the OpenEstate community. In order to keep the translation work as easy as possible we're providing an online tool for translators .

With each release of our software we're trying to provide complete translations. But not every volunteer may be able to update the translations quickly. Therefore we might also publish incomplete translation packages. If a certain text is not translated, our software will show the english equivalent.

Feel free to join the translation team. You might help with the translation of an already available language or you might create a translation for a new language. Here you can find further information about participation.

Before we can add your contributions to the OpenEstate project you need to download and sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Please send the signed CLA document by FAX to +49-(0)30-700143-1134, by mail to Andreas Rudolph, Karl-Marx Straße 31, 16341 Panketal, Germany or through our contact form.

Why the CLA is useful…

The CLA document clarifies the legal state of your contributions. Basically you grant unconditional rights to the OpenEstate developers, to make use of your contributions within the OpenEstate project. And you deny any warranty / liability about your contributions.

As agreement is almost idenitcal to the Corporate Contributor License Agreement, that is used by the Apache Software Foundation. This means, that the conditions of the CLA are commonly accepted by the Open Source community, and a great effort was invested by lawyers to find a save formulation for all parties.

If you have questions about the CLA…

Feel free to contact us via e-mail or ticket system in case of questions or obscurities.

What happens after the CLA was transmitted…

After we've received your signed CLA document we will create an account for you in the translation tool . From this moment on you can start working on the translations.