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OpenEstate-ImmoTool our free real estate software

  1. A full-featured SQL-database is integrated into the program.
    1. At any time you can create and restore backups.
  2. The program is translated in several languages.
  3. The base-program can be extended modular with additional features.
    1. Install or uninstall your required add-ons individually.
  4. Add-on for management of properties
    1. Any number of properties & contact-persons can be managed.
    2. Create individual configurable exposés in PDF-format.
    3. Import properties from several established formats: OpenEstate-XML / OpenImmo-XML / IS24-XML / IS24-CSV
    4. Export properties (e.g. to real-estate portals or your own website)
      1. Supported formats: OpenEstate-XML, OpenImmo-XML, IS24-XML, IS24-CSV,, Website-HTML or Website-PHP
      2. Transport properties via FTP, HTTP or save it locally on hard drive.
    5. Properties can be connected with addresses, events or tasks.
  5. Add-on for management of addresses
    1. Any number of addresses can be managed.
    2. Grouping addresses (e.g. private & business)
    3. Addresses can be connected with properties, events or tasks.
  6. Add-on for management of events & tasks in a calendar
    1. Any number of events & tasks can be managed.
    2. Monthly, weekly & daily view of calendar entries
    3. Import calendars from iCal-sources.
    4. Events & tasks can be connected with properties & addresses.
  7. Numerous more features that make the daily routine easier.
Table of properties
Real estates
Edit a property
Real estates
Set property attributes
Real estates
Edit attributes
Set property attachments
Real estates
Edit attachments
Table of export interfaces
Real estates
Export summary
Edit a property export interface
Real estates
Setup export
History of property exports
Real estates
Export history
Table of addresses
Address book
Edit an address
Address book
Calendar view
Read e-mails
Read news
Manage application addons
Manage application settings
Integrated user manual
User manual

ImmoTool may be used on all kinds of operating systems as long as they are fairly up to date and Java / OpenJDK is available for it in the required version.

  • Operating system:
    • Windows (from version 7 onwards; 32bit / 64bit)
    • macOS (from version 10.9 onwards)
    • Linux (x86 aka IA-32 / x86-64 aka amd64)
  • Processor:
    2 GHZ (the more the merrier)
  • RAM:
    512 MB are used by the application at maximum
  • Hard drive space:
    approx. 150 MB after installation; more space is required depending on the amount of data
  • Java:
    version 11 (already provided in the installation package)
  • Internet access:
    not necessary, but helpful

When Software becomes a pitfall…

There is already a lot of real-estate software on the market, that can simplify the daily routine for a real-estate agency. The purchase of a software-solution should be thought out very well. You will be faced with

  1. one time prime costs
    1. In some cases, you have to pay a license for each computer in your company.
    2. Some software-solutions are artificially limited, e.g. in number of properties or customer-contacts. You have to buy a bigger license to exceed these limits.
  2. regular operating costs
    1. Some developers don’t offer free update-services for their product. You have to pay on every update for your already bought software.
    2. It is also quite common, that some special features need to be paid. Some companies want to be paid for every export-interface to a real-estate portal.
    3. Support on technical problems is normally not free. This service can only be provided by the developer. Because the source-code is not opened, you won’t get support from a third party.

A supposed cheap software, can be become a pitfall of costs. Especially if you’re looking for a small software to manage and export your properties, these costs are in no appropriate rate compared to your daily use.

Most Software depends on operating systems

Most of the available real-estate software only supports Windows operating systems. As far as we know, there is only a few real-estate solutions for MacOS X / Linux / BSD / Solaris available. In most cases, the user is forced to use a specific operating system.

OpenEstate-ImmoTool is build on top of the free Java platform. It runs on all operating systems, that offer a current Java Virtual Machine. It does not matter whether you run it on Windows, MacOS X, Linux, BSD, Solaris or all systems at the same time!

OpenEstate-ImmoTool helps your real-estate agency to become independent from Microsoft Windows. For nearly every other field of duty, you can find appropriate alternatives. There are no more obstacles left for a changeover to a free operating system.

Working together, not against each other

OpenEstate wants to enrich the software-market with a new facet. In cooperation with the community (users & developers) we aim to create a full-value real-estate solution, that fits to the needs of small and middle-sized real-estate companies.

All users can rely on,

  1. that no prime costs or hidden costs come up, while using the program.
  2. that updates of the program will be offered for free.
  3. that the program can be used without limits in functionality. (no test-version or artificial limits)
  4. that the program is completely based on free software.
  5. that the program supports the established portal-interfaces and can be extended with new interfaces.
  6. that the program runs on all operating systems, where a Sun Java runtime-environment is available.
  7. that the programm can be individually modified, to fit your needs.

Free support service

All registered users can become free technical support for the program from our partner OpenIndex. This offer contains help via blog, discussion board or ticket system with

  • installing the program
  • configuring the program
  • updating the program
  • problems with use of the program

Please consider, that we can only give technical support in German and English language!

Your opinion is important to us

You are missing a certain feature in OpenEstate-ImmoTool? – We are always looking for good ideas. Just get in contact with us!

Where can I download the application?

You can download OpenEstate-ImmoTool in the publicly available download area.

How are updates provided?

OpenEstate-ImmoTool contains an automatic update feature. But alternatively you can always download the latest version from the download area.

How to make suggestions or report errors?

Post your message publicly on the discussion board or privately in the ticket system.

Who can help me with a specific problem?

Each registered user is getting help for free via discussion board or ticket system. Alternatively you can look for professional support by one of our experts.

Does OpenEstate-ImmoTool stay available free?

All features, that have been published for free, will stay free. But possibly we're going to provide some new fee-based features in the future.