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First multilingual release of ImmoTool 1.0-beta

We're proud to announce the first release of ImmoTool 1.0-beta with english translatation.

How do I get the latest 1.0-beta version?

If you already have installed the 1.0-beta version, you can use the auto update mechanism (via Main menu » Extras » Updates). Otherwise you can find the latest installation packages in the download area. Older versions of the program can be found within the users area.

What is the difference between 0.9.x and 1.0-beta versions?

Because of some conceptional problems and growing requirements, we've decided to do a complete rework of the 0.9.x codebase. In general we're implementing new features only into the 1.0-beta development branch. The 0.9.x development branch only receives bugfixes and small improvements. The most important improvements of 1.0-beta compared to 0.9.x are:

  • GUI was completely rewritten.
  • Plugin framework was completely rewritten.
  • Replaced database backend with HSQLDB.
  • Multiple users may work collectively on the same database (multi-user installation).
  • Manage search mandates / brokering mandates of your customers.
  • Manage web links and YouTube videos for your properties.
  • New addon provides E-mail functionality (POP3, IMAP, SMTP).
  • New addon provides basic CRM functionality.
  • New addon provides RSS-reader functionality.

How stable is the 1.0-beta version?

The 1.0-beta versions are already quite stable. All features, that you already know from 0.9.x version, should work in the 1.0-beta branch with the same stability. Some new features (especially E-mail & CRM) are more or less a basis for discussion. These features will need some fine-tuning before they are suitable for daily use. Feel free to let us know about your opinions / ideas / suggestions for these features.

Which languages are currently available in the 1.0-beta version?

The current release (1.0-beta26) is translated into English, German and Portuguese language. The translator team is working on additional translations. You can find informations about the current state of work in the translation tool at

How to join the translation work?

There are two ways to join the translation work:

  • Register an account in the translation tool and add your suggestions / improvements to the available translations. The language managers will be informed to check and approve your suggestions.
  • If you want to translate a language, that is not present / managed in the translation tool, you can become a language manager. Please get in contact with us, if you want to become a language manager.

Where can I find informations / documentations about the 1.0-beta version?

There are currently no further documentations about the 1.0-beta version available. We're going to write further documentations during 1.0-beta development. Feel free to let us know about your questions, problems or suggestions.

How to install the 1.0-beta version?

We currently don't provide installer packages for the 1.0-beta version. Instead you can just download the latest beta version as ZIP / TAR.GZ file and extract the downloaded archive somewhere on your harddisk.

How to start the 1.0-beta version?

Open the folder, that was extracted from the downloaded ZIP / TAR.GZ archive.

  • Windows users may launch the application by double clicking "ImmoTool.exe" or "ImmoTool.bat" within the "bin" subfolder.
  • Mac users may launch the application by double clicking the "ImmoTool" launcher within the extracted folder.
  • Linux users may launch the application via "" within the "bin" subfolder.

Please make sure, that you've installed at least Java 6 (update 4) before launching ImmoTool. OpenJDK can be used instead of Oracle Java (if preferred).

How to migrate a project from 0.9.x to 1.0-beta version?

Open your project in ImmoTool 0.9.x and create a backup for migration via Main menu » Extras » DB type » Backup for migration to 1.x.

create backup for migration

The exported ZIP-archive contains the complete database of ImmoTool 0.9.x and will be required in one of the next steps.

(1) Migrating into a single-user project

If you want to use a single-user database in ImmoTool 1.0-beta, just start ImmoTool 1.0-beta and create a new project with the following settings:

import backup into a new single-user project

Select the option "Migrate local project from ImmoTool 0.9.x" as "project type" and click the button "Select" to select the previously exported ZIP-archive. If no errors / problems are reported, you can click "Create project". The selected ZIP-archive will be imported into the newly created project.

(2) Migrating into a multi-user project

After the ImmoTool-Server was installed and started you need to start AdminTool (contained within the ImmoTool package). When you establish a first connection to the ImmoTool-Server via AdminTool, you'll be asked for an administration password and afterwards you can install the required database structures for the project:

import backup into a new multi-user project

Enable the option "Backup file" and click the button "Select" to select the previously exported ZIP-archive. If no errors / problems are reported, you can click "Submit". The selected ZIP-archive will be imported into the newly created project.