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During the last few weeks we've made some smaller modifications and fixed some errors.

Most important modifications

Export to the internet portal '' was improved

  • 0000295: [Portal export], Evaluation of XML responses The import server of '' responses with a XML-based protocol after the file transfer is finished. This protocol is evaluated by ImmoTool. Possible error-messages from '' are displayed directly inside the application.

Export to the internet portal '' was added

  • 0000296: [Portal export], Implementation of a separate export format The Austrian internet portal '' can be delivered via ImmoTool.

Image rendering in detailed PDF exposés may be modified

  • 0000323: [Feature] Manipulate the gallery / groundplans / maps in detailed PDF exposés Two new options have been added to the detailed PDF exposés. These options allow different modifications in the way images are displayed.

Usability improvements

  • 0000311: [Feature] Check for modifications in forms (on close or 'quick navigation')
  • 0000312: [Feature] Straightforward assignment between employees and properties
  • 0000315: [Feature] Display the property-nr in tab-titles (if exists)
  • 0000316: [Feature] Export summary, Quickly select / deselect exportable properties
  • 0000317: [Feature] Directly save tables into CSV-, Excel- or PDF-file
  • 0000318: [Feature] Improved display and modification of notes for different assignments
  • 0000319: [Feature] Display the number of rows on top of different tables
  • 0000320: [Feature] Multiple selection / modification of export interfaces

Further modifications

  • 0000304: [Feature] Mark addresses as 'inactive' (e.g. for archiving)
  • 0000305: [Error] IS24-CSV, The value 'fully renovated' of the attribute 'condition' is incorrectly exported
  • 0000306: [PHP-Export] On a full transfer, the 'data' directory shall be recursively cleared.
  • 0000307: [PHP-Export] Show the complete ColorBox / LightBox gallery, when the title image (on top right) was clicked.
  • 0000310: [Error] Not exportable properties are marked as 'published' after the export is finished
  • 0000313: [Error] IS24-XML, On import of IS24-XML files the attachments are possibly ignored
  • 0000314: [Error] The attribute 'heating technology' is not saved correctly
  • 0000321: [Feature] A new property-status 'in review' was added
  • 0000322: [Error] Problems with image quality in PDF exposés (because of 'automatic rescaling')
  • 0000324: [Feature] Improved memory management related to attachments of properties
  • 0000328: [PHP-Export] Improved synchronisation of incremental exports

How do I get the latest version?

  • If you already have installed the program, you can use the auto update mechanism (via Main menu » Extras » Updates).
  • You can find the latest installation packages in the download area.
  • If you have problems during your installation, you can find further informations inside the installation guide.