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ImmoTool 1.0.0 released

Due to the new license policy of Oracle Java we have decided to introduce some bigger changes into ImmoTool, which are now available with the release of version 1.0.0.

Most important changes

From a functional perspective there are no significant modifications. No new features were introduced. Most changes were made below the surface.

Migration to Java 11

ImmoTool was migrated to Java 11. Earlier ImmoTool versions did not properly run with the current Java 11 version.

Java is bundled together with ImmoTool

Earlier ImmoTool versions required a separate installation of Java. This is not necessary anymore. The application is bundled together with Java 11.

After you have updated to ImmoTool 1.0.0 a separate installation of Java is not required anymore. You can remove the Java installation from your operating system (as long as it is not required by other applications).

Installers for Windows, macOS and Debian

Until now we have only provided ZIP and TAR.GZ archives on our website. From ImmoTool 1.0.0 on we provide installation packages in common formats for the supported operating systems:

  • For Windows systems there is a EXE installation program available. After the file was downloaded, the installation program can be started with a double click on the file. The installation program will automatically create shortcuts on the desktop and within the start menu.

  • For macOS systems there is a DMG installation file available. After the file was downloaded, the well known installation procedure can be started with a double click on the file.

  • For Debian based Linux systems (like Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint) there is a DEB package available. Alternatively you might use our Debian repository at for an easier installation and update.

  • For other Linux systems there is still a TAR.GZ archives available.

Reworked the user manual

We have reworked our user manual. For the first time we can provide precise instructions about installation and configuration in English language. Unfortunately the English manual is not completed yet - especially the usage of ImmoTool is not covered yet.

The user manual is available at or might be downloaded in other formats from the download area of this website.

The user manual is published under the terms of an Open Source license. Its raw files are available at this GitHub page.

New plugin framework

Since ImmoTool was initially released we have been using the Java Plugin Framework. Unfortunately this project is not actively developed anymore. Also it does not properly support Java 11.

Therefore we have decided to switch to PF4J. In order to make this library work properly with ImmoTool we have provided some improvements to this project.

This modification should not affect ImmoTool users. The application should behave more or less exactly like before.

Signed application bundle for macOS

In order to avoid problems with Gatekeeper on macOS we have become verified Apple developers. From ImmoTool 1.0.0 on we are providing a signed application bundle. Therefore problems with Gatekeeper should be a thing of the past.

Increased system requirements

Due to the migration to Java 11 there are slightly higher system requirements for ImmoTool.

  • You should use at least Windows 7. Windows Vista and XP are not supported anymore.
  • You should use at least macOS 10.9.
  • Linux systems should not be affected by the migration to Java 11.

Find out more about the system requirements in the user manual.

Resolved tasks

The following tasks from the Bug-Tracker have been resolved with ImmoTool 1.0.0:

  • 000212 [Feature] Rework the documentation
  • 001444 [Misc] Publish raw documentation data at GitHub
  • 001445 [Feature] Translate short version of the documentation into English
  • 001446 [Feature] Integrate documentation into ImmoTool via ePub
  • 001447 [Misc] Installation routine for Windows
  • 001448 [Misc] Installation routine for MacOS
  • 001449 [Misc] Sign application bundles for MacOS
  • 001717 [Misc] Migration to Java 11
  • 001718 [Misc] Integrate a Java Runtime Environment into the release package
  • 001721 [Misc] Migrate addon mechanism to PF4J
  • 001728 [Feature] Load additional addons from a local folder
  • 001733 [Misc] Application bundle for Linux x64
  • 001744 [Misc] Installation routine for Debian based Linux (amd64)
  • 001745 [Misc] Provide a repository for the Debian package
  • 001751 [Feature] Consistent look & feel on Linux systems
  • 001752 [Error] Fehldarstellung des Programm-Titels unter Gnome / Ubuntu Unity
  • 001753 [Misc] Update to BouncyCastle 1.61
  • 001754 [Misc] Update to commons-text 1.6
  • 001755 [Misc] Update to HttpClient 4.5.7
  • 001756 [Misc] Update to ical4j 3.0.6
  • 001757 [Misc] Update to ical4j-vcard 1.0.5
  • 001758 [Misc] Update to javax.json 1.1.4
  • 001759 [Misc] Update to jsch 0.1.55
  • 001760 [Misc] Update to libphonenumber 8.10.5
  • 001761 [Misc] Update to openpdf 1.2.10
  • 001762 [Misc] Update to rome 1.12.0
  • 001763 [Misc] Update to rsyntaxtextarea 3.0.2
  • 001764 [Misc] Update to swingx 1.6.8 by swimmesberger
  • 001766 [Misc] Migrate from log4j to Logback
  • 001767 [Misc] Update to commons-text 1.12
  • 001768 [Misc] Update to JavaMail 1.6.3
  • 001769 [Misc] Update to flying-saucer 9.1.18
  • 001770 [Specification] Wrong translation of the "residence" option in the "type of use" attribute
  • 001771 [Feature] Show disabled images in grayscale in the real estate form

How do I get the latest version?

Installation packages for ImmoTool 1.0.0 are available in the download area.

How to update the application properly?

Please consider the general update notes and the comments about migration from 1.0-beta to 1.0.0 at the end of the manual page.