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ImmoTool 1.0.2 released

Some smaller and middle-grade problems have been fixed with ImmoTool 1.0.2. We like to thank all users, who drew our attention to these issues.

  • 001775 [Error] Font size setting is ignored on Windows & macOS systems
  • 001776 [Error] Language is not properly switched
  • 001777 [Error] Updates on Windows don't remove old applicafion files
  • 001778 [Error] Interrupted FTP / SFTP transfers are not properly continued

How do I get the latest version?

Installation packages for ImmoTool 1.0.2 are available in the download area.

How to update the application properly?

If you are already using ImmoTool 1.0.0, you only need to follow the general update notes.

If you are using an older beta Version, you also should consider the comments about migration from 1.0-beta to 1.x at the end of the manual page.