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Wrapper component for Joomla (0.1.7 & 0.2.7)

We've made some minor improvements in the Joomla component.


Meta tags of menu entries

Since Joomla 1.6 you can put individual meta tags ('description', 'keywords') into the menu entries. These settings were not handled correctly in the component. The global meta tags were used instead.

Meta description in detailled view

Since ImmoTool 0.9.22 / 1.0-beta20 you can configure in the PHP export, which description text of the property is used as meta description tag (see $MetaDescriptionTexts). This setting is also considered by the new version of the Joomla component.

Download the component

You can download the latest version of the component from OpenEstate-Wiki:


Please make sure, that you're using the latest version of ImmoTool (0.9.22 / 1.0-beta20). You must have done a PHP export from the latest ImmoTool version before you update the Joomla component. Otherwise the component will not work correctly on your website.

Frequently asked questions

What does the component cost?

You can download the component for free - according to the conditions of the GPL3 license (Open Source).

Is the component compatible with Joomla 3?

The component is currently not compatible with Joomla 3.

Where can I ask my questions about the component?

Please use our forum or ticket system for your questions.

How can I support the maintenance of the component?

There are different ways to support the OpenEstate project:

  • Rate the Joomla component at
  • Become a sponsor to support the further development.
  • Recommend OpenEstate to your friends or put a link to on your website.