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Wrapper plugin for WordPress (0.2.6)

We've fixed an error in the WordPress plugin and made some minor improvements.


Session is not initialized correctly

We've implemented a new session mechanism with ImmoTool 0.9.20. This modification led to problems with the WordPress plugin - e.g. search parameters got lost while the visitor navigates through different pages of the search result.

CSS is written to the page header

CSS data of the PHP export is written to the page header. This leads to a smoother rendering of wrapped pages in the web-browser.

Download the plugin

You can download the latest version from OpenEstate-Wiki or from the plugin page at


Please make sure, that you're using the latest version of ImmoTool (0.9.22 / 1.0-beta20). You must have done a PHP export from the latest ImmoTool version before you update the WordPress plugin. Otherwise the plugin will not work correctly on your website.

Frequently asked questions

What does the plugin cost?

You can download the plugin for free - according to the conditions of the GPL3 license (Open Source).

Where can I ask my questions about the plugin?

Please use our forum or ticket system for your questions.

How can I support the maintenance of the plugin?

There are different ways to support the OpenEstate project:

  • Rate the WordPress plugin at
  • Become a sponsor to support the further development.
  • Recommend OpenEstate to your friends or put a link to on your website.