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This release fixes some issues, that showed up during the last few weeks of development.


  • 0000385: [Error] HTTP communication via proxy server may lead into problems
  • 0000391: [Feature] Reorder / rearrange attached (non-image) media of a property
  • 0000406: [Error] If the assigned export interface is removed from a property, the program should send a delete-request on a following portal export
  • 0000410: [Error] Problems during program startup, if the update-server is not available / reachable
  • 0000411: [Feature] Improved handling of required fields in address forms (address book)
  • 0000412: [Error] Required fields in address forms are not correctly checked on save (address book)
  • 0000413: [Feature] Consider to import / export notes of address entries (address book)
  • 0000415: [Error] OpenImmo- & ImmoXML; rent & purchase prices of a car space are not correctly exported / imported
  • 0000425: [Feature] HTML-/PHP-Export; Create consistently scaled preview images
  • 0000426: [Error] Improved headings of ground plans / maps in detailled exposés
  • 0000427: [Error] Property form, image gallery: Problems with scrollbar may occur on image reordering
  • 0000429: [Error] Agency profile is incompletely displayed on smaller screen resolutions
  • 0000430: [Feature] Additional EXE startup files
  • 0000442: [Specification] Use 'gross area' for all residential properties
  • 0000447: [Specification] Move up 'rent' attributes in the internal order
  • 0000448: [PHP-Export] Add a new filter criteria for the provided 'group nr'

How do I get the latest version?

  • If you already have installed the program, you can use the auto update mechanism (via Main menu » Extras » Updates).
  • You can find the latest installation packages in the download area.
  • If you have problems during your installation, you can find further informations inside the installation guide.