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This update fixes some issues, that showed up during the last few weeks.


  • 0000465: [Error] Address publishing is possibly handled incorrect during a website export.
  • 0000469: [PHP-export] An error occurs, if the contact form is submitted on a PHP4 installation.
  • 0000470: [Error] Calendar addon may crash, if ‘GMT-timetones’ are used in the operating system.
  • 0000473: [Error] Attribute ‘divisible from’ is not correctly displayed.
  • 0000478: [Error] A big history of exports may slow down the property form.
  • 0000481: [PHP-export] A filter criteria was added, that allows selection of a certain country.

How do I get the latest version?

  • If you already have installed the program, you can use the auto update mechanism (via Main menu » Extras » Updates).
  • You can find the latest installation packages in the download area.
  • If you have problems during your installation, you can find further informations inside the installation guide.