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ImmoTool 0.9.21

Some minor corrections within ImmoTool and different improvements within the PHP export were implemented during the last weeks. From now on these modification are available with version 0.9.21.


  • 0000898: [PHP export] The file name of downloaded PDF exposés contains the freely chosen object nr
  • 0000899: [PHP export] Maps are not displayed
  • 0000901: [Error] Very small watermarks (1x1 or 2x2 px) prevent the export of images
  • 0000902: [Feature] Show the name of the address group in exported address tables
  • 0000903: [PHP export] Enable / disable favourite management via myconfig.php
  • 0000905: [Specification] Typing error in the german property type 'Apartment'
  • 0000907: [PHP export] Maps are not displayed in the exposé view with listing mode
  • 0000910: [PHP export] Change order of attribute groups and descriptions in the exposé view via myconfig.php
  • 0000915: [PHP export] Improved error output
  • 0000917: [PHP export] Organize templates in subfolders
  • 0000918: [Error] Property descriptions are possibly exported incorrectly during the export for migration
  • 0000920: [PHP export] The email address in the contact form is possibly validated incorrectly
  • 0000921: [Error] Import of IS24-CSV files may lead to an error, if Java7 is used

How do I get the latest version?

  • If you already have installed the program, you can use the auto update mechanism (via Main menu » Extras » Updates).
  • You can find the latest installation packages in the download area. You can find older version of the program within the users area.
  • If you have problems during your installation, you can find further informations inside the installation guide.