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ImmoTool-Server 1.0-beta3 released

The ImmoTool-Server, which is used for multi user installations of OpenEstate-ImmoTool, was revised and published under an "Open Source" license for the first time.

What has been changed?

  • Most important the HSQL database was updated to version 2.3.5. In the last few years a lot of changes and improvements were added to the database, which now become available to ImmoTool users.
  • The runtime environment has been revised. The startup scripts in the bin directory were rewritten and the macOS application bundles should also work properly with "macOS Sierra".
  • The yajsw component, that is used for Windows services, was updated.
  • The ImmoTool-Server may be configured easily as a daemon on Linux systems (via systemd).
  • The ImmoTool-Server may be configured easily as an agent on macOS systems (via launchd).

How to update an older version of ImmoTool-Server?

Please follow the instructions in the release notes of ImmoTool 1.0-beta40.

Where to download ImmoTool-Server?

You can find the latest packages of ImmoTool-Server in the download area and at

Where to download the source code of ImmoTool-Server?

You can view and download the source code from the project page at