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OpenEstate-PHP-Export 2.0-beta1 released

We've completely rewritten the OpenEstate-PHP-Export scripts and are happy to announce its first release 2.0-beta1.

Modifications towards version 1.x


  • OpenEstate-PHP-Export 2.0-beta1 is integrated into OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta43. In order to use the new scripts, you should create a new export interface with the format "Website: PHP-Export 2.x" within the application. Start a website export with the newly created export interface together with the enabled option "Export scripts" in order to automatically update the PHP scripts on the webspace.
  • Alternatively OpenEstate-PHP-Export 2.0-beta1 is available via GitHub and can be manually installed on a webspace.

Manual Installation

Before updating the scripts you should get a backup of the current export folder. After the update is finished you can add your local customizations (e.g. config.php).

  • Disable the "Export scripts" option in the corresponding export interface of OpenEstate-ImmoTool.
  • Remove the folders cache, img, sessions and templates from the webspace (if available).
  • Remove the files myconfig.php, private.php, util_cache_clear.php and util_session_clear.php from the webspace (if available).
  • Download OpenEstate-PHP-Export 2.0-beta1 as ZIP archive or TAR.GZ archive and extract the file locally.
  • Copy the contents of the extracted src-Unterordners to the webspace.
  • Set write permission to the cache folder on the webspace (chmod 777).


Process data of older PHP exports

Version 2.x introduces some modifications to the data structures in the data folder. Therefore data of older PHP exports (1.x) is not supported by the new scripts (2.x) by default. But you can enable the old data format through a setting in the configuration file.

If an older version than OpenEstate-ImmoTool 1.0-beta43 is used or if the export interface uses the old format "Website: PHP-Export 1.x", you can enable the old data format through this entry in the config.php file (line 100):

// Enable compatibility for data of PHP-export 1.6.x or 1.7.x.
$this->compatibility = 0;

Missing CMS modules

Unfortunately our CMS modules are currently not supporting PHP-Export 2.x.

  • There are development version available for WordPress and WBCE, that already work quite reliably. We're going to release these modules for WordPress and WBCE within the next few days.
  • Reworking the modules for Joomla and CMSms will take a bit longer. We're expecting a of these modules release around February 2019.