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OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2.2 released

In preparation of the upcoming ImmoTool 1.0-beta35 release we've published a new version 0.2.2 of OpenEstate-IS24-REST.

New Open Source project: OpenEstate-IO

We've started a new Open Source project called OpenEstate-IO.

XML-Validator is available to the public again

Because of technical issues we had to shut down our XML validation service some months ago.

OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2.1 released

Our OpenEstate-IS24-REST library for exports to the Webservice of was updated to version 0.2.1.

OpenEstate-IS24-REST 0.2 released

Exports to the new REST-Webservice of were extensively used and tested during the last few months.

CMS modules were updated

After a longer period without updates to the CMS modules we've checked every module against the latest version of the particular CMS.

ImmoTool 0.9.33

Two small modifications were migrated from 1.0-beta development into ImmoTool 0.9.33.

ImmoTool 0.9.32

ImmoTool 0.9.32 fixes some problems, that are related to energy certificates in Germany (EnEV 2014).

ImmoTool 0.9.31

Starting from 1st of may 2014 a new law about energy certificates is introduced in Germany (EnEV 2014).

ImmoTool 0.9.30

Some smaller modifications from the recent 1.0-beta development were backported to the 0.9.x branch and are available with version 0.9.30 from now on.