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ImmoTool 0.9.20

Version 0.9.20 provides some smaller modifications and improvements, that have been implemented during the last few months.

CMS modules were updated

During the last weeks we've found two general issues within our CMS modules.

ImmoTool 0.9.19

Within version 0.9.19 we'll provide a Russian translation for the first time.

Direct download of ImmoTool

We've made some changes to our server infrastructure during the last few days. That makes it possible to deliver the latest version of OpenEstate-ImmoTool as a direct download from this website.

ImmoTool 0.9.18

Version 0.9.18 brings some smaller corrections within the program and real estate standard.

Joomla module updated to 0.1.4 / 0.2.4

Some days ago Joomla 2.5 was released. This release brought up an incompatibility with our Joomla component.

ImmoTool 0.9.17

Version 0.9.17 brings some smaller enhancements, that have been backported from the currently developed 1.0-beta.

ImmoTool 0.9.16

Version 0.9.16 fixes some smaller issues, that showed up during the last few weeks.

ImmoTool 0.9.15

Version 0.9.15 implements some minor improvements und fixes several problems, that showed up during the last few weeks.

XML-Validator was updated

We have updated our online tool for validation of XML documents.