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ImmoTool 0.9.27

During the last week we've made some smaller improvements and fixes to the program, that are available with version 0.9.27 from now on.

ImmoTool 0.9.26

We've decided to release ImmoTool 0.9.26 in short term to fix an issue with latest Java update (Version 7u21 / 6u45). Beside this two other problems have been fixed.

ImmoTool 0.9.25

The latest version 0.9.25 provides some smaller modifications and corrections, that were implemented during the last few months.

CMS modules were updated

Some small improvements have been made in our CMS modules.

ImmoTool 0.9.24

Since the beginning of December 2012 some new rules about energy certificates became law in Austria (EAVG 2012).

ImmoTool 0.9.23

During the last weeks we've done some smaller modifications and improvements, that are now available with version 0.9.23.

Wrapper plugin for WordPress (0.2.6)

We've fixed an error in the WordPress plugin and made some minor improvements.

Wrapper component for Joomla (0.1.7 & 0.2.7)

We've made some minor improvements in the Joomla component.

ImmoTool 0.9.22

During the last few weeks we've done some smaller modifications within ImmoTool.

ImmoTool 0.9.21

Some minor corrections within ImmoTool and different improvements within the PHP export were implemented during the last weeks.